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About us

The idea of the “Network of Immigrant Arab Women” stems from a strong belief that Arab immigrant women are an integral part of the Arab community. They are an undeniable asset to their countries of origin and therefore they should be reintroduced and their ties should be fostered with their motherlands, particularly that considerable number of these Arab immigrant women have achieved great success in their migrant societies and have reached remarkable places in the countries where they chose to settle.

The initiative and establishment:
  • Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union , the Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and the President of the Arab Women Organization (2007-2009) has declared her generous donation to establish “The Network of Immigrant Arab Women” during the first Arab Women Organization conference in Bahrain 13-15/11/2006. In a media conference which was held in the organization on 1st of February 2007 on the occasion of Arab Women Day, Mrs. / Nora El Sewedy, Director of  the General Women’s Union , the representative of United Arab Emirates in the Arab Women Organization executive board has declared the beginning of working on the network

  • Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak has launched “Network of Immigrant Arab Women” during the second conference of the organization sponsored and chaired by Her Highness and hosted by the UAE on 11-13/11/2008.

  • The network’s website and content underwent, since September 2009, an overall development process that required for the website to be closed. A Beta version of the website was opened on the 1st of February 2011 on the occasion of Arab Women Day. The network’s website was re-launched in its more developed form on the 8th of March 2011 in celebration of International Women Day.

The Network’s content:
The network consists of two databases:

  • One is a service database that introduces the services and entities that are most beneficial to Arab women immigrants in their migrant communities as well as their contact information; examples of these services are embassies of Arab States, offices of the League of Arab States, worship places that are affiliated to Arab immigrants, organizations interested in Arab women immigrants or Arab women in general, research centers and academic departments interested in Arab women and Middle Eastern studies.

  • The second is a database that presents the qualified Arab women immigrants and gives brief information about some of the most renowned among them.

  • Providing Arab women immigrants with a useful information service through which they can identify the most important entities and services that they might need in their migrant communities and how to reach them. This is to make it easier for them to settle in their new communities and at the same time nurture their relation with their mother countries.

  • Introducing renowned Arab women immigrants as they are considered a huge asset, in order to whether highlight these women as role models to young Arabs, or make it easier for those concerned in the Arab region to communicate with them to benefit from their expertise in development projects or as a link to cultural dialogues with their new communities.

  • Creating an opportunity in between Arab women immigrants to socialize and communicate and to capitalize on different experience and enhance interaction between different generations of Arab immigrants.

Network administration:
  • Executive Director: Dr. Ola Abouzeid

  • Assistant Executive Director: Ms. Nora Osama

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