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  • The Services Database provides information regarding vital services that are often needed by Arab women in migrant communities.
  • The Services Database includes the following categories:

League of Arab States offices
This includes LAS offices wherever they are stationed in migrant countries and how to contact them.
Embassies and Consulates of Arab countries
This category includes the embassies of the 22 Arab countries along with their contact information.
Ministries and government agencies
This category includes ministries and the main government agencies in migrant communities as well as their contact information.
Arab Airline Companies
This service includes the official websites for Arab Airline companies flying to migrant countries.
Arab Language teaching centers
It includes accredited teaching centers that teach Arabic in migrant countries, some of them are independent and others are affiliated to Islamic or Christian centers for Arab immigrants. This category also includes academic departments that teach Arabic and which are affiliated to Universities.
Arabic schools
This category includes two kinds of schools in migrant countries, the first one is: schools that teach Arabic language only, and the second one is: the schools that teach the curricula of the Arab countries.
Mosques and Islamic centers for Arab immigrants.
This includes names and contact information of the mosques and Islamic centers that cater to Arab immigrants.
Arabic teachers
This service includes websites that post names of private tutors who teach Arabic, “Network of Immigrant Arab women” takes no responsibility if any complaint regarding any of these private tutors arises.
Arab women organizations
This includes the organizations interested in Arab women issues as well as Arab women alliances in migrant communities and their contact information.
Churches and Christian centers for Arab immigrants
This category includes names and contact information of churches and Christian centers that cater to Arab immigrants.
Women studies departments and Gender academic programs
This includes academic departments and programs in migrant communities that grant accredited certificates in women studies.
The Arab immigrant associations
This includes associations of Arab immigrants in general or associations of certain Arab migrant communities.
Women/Gender research centers
This category includes research centers interested in women studies and gender issues whether related to a University or independent.
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